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Pitt Friends runs solely on the dedication and time of its volunteers.  They brave harsh weather and other difficulties in trying to achieve their goal of reducing the number of homeless pets.  Lets give them a round of applause!!

 We are always looking for new volunteers!  If interested in volunteering, please email

"Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart." - Elizabeth Andrew



Bobbie Parsons - President/Founder

Bobbie Parsons has been a foster home for 35 years. 

She was been with the Pitt County Animal Shelter for 10 years, and before that, that Humane Society for 25 years.  She was President of the Humane Society for 25 years, and had the Humane Society at her home for 20 years, until they purchased the facility on Tupper Road .  It was originally named for her.  After separating from the Humane Society, she formed Pitt Friends to focus on specifically rescuing animals from the Pitt County Animal Shelter.  Bobbie has been a driving force in helping the dogs and cats of Pitt County find forever and loving homes.  She has also been a big supporter of spay/neuter programs to help decrease the unwanted pet population.

She has been a cruelty investigator for 30 years.

She was on the East Carolina University Animal Care and Use Committee for 26 years.

Dave Pulver - Treasurer


Jennifer Matherly - Vice President

Jennifer Matherly has been a volunteer and foster home for Pitt Friends since 2012. Jennifer takes in dogs of all shapes and sizes, but has a passion for fostering abused and/or neglected animals.  Jenifer works to rehabilitate them, which can include feeding malnourished animals, treating injuries, and working with heartworm positive dogs. Once the animal is stable, Jennifer will ensure the animal is spayed/neutered, up to date on all of their shots, and micro-chipped. While in foster care with Jennifer, the animals will work on housebreaking, obedience, and overcoming any anxieties associated with any trauma they endured.

Bonnie Pulver - Secretary

Bonnie Pulver has been rescuing rabbits for close to 15 years.  She has been with Pitt Friends’ since it started. She fosters them in her home.  She rescues injured and abandoned rabbits and accepts surrendered rabbits from animal control and shelters from all over the Eastern Part of North Carolina, but mainly from Pitt County .  She then gets medical care including spay/neuters, gets them socialized and works to place these rescued rabbits into loving permanent homes. She also works in the community to educate the public on rabbit care, feeding, grooming, medical needs, social requirements and behaviors. 

A special thanks to our wonderful volunteers and foster homes!!!

Jeff C - Co-Vice President, Volunteer, foster home, Petco team

Lisa B - Board Member at Large, Volunteer

Susan G - Senior Volunteer, foster home, Petco team 

Cathy M. - Volunteer, foster home, Petco team

Jean C - Cat foster home coordinator, Volunteer, foster home, Petco Team

Chrissy G - Volunteer, foster home, Petco Team

Jennifer S - Volunteer, foster home, Petco team

Sherry S- Volunteer, foster home, Petco Team

Akshata M - Volunteer, foster home, Petco Team

Amber B - Volunteer, foster home, Petco Team

Arran G - Volunteer, foster home, Petco Team

Cliff D - Volunteer, foster home

Allison F - Volunteer, hospice foster home

Melanie B - Volunteer, foster home

Chuck B - Volunteer, foster home

Amanda G. - Volunteer, foster home, Petco team

Pamela M - Volunteer, foster home, Petco team

Joe M - Volunteer, foster home, Petco team

Charlotte-Anne A - Volunteer, foster home, Petco team

Rachel U - Volunteer, hospice foster, Petco team

Mckenzie B - Volunteer

Paula R - Volunteer

Brittany I - Volunteer, Petco team